Saturday, 26 May 2012

Wallpaper Project

After many hours of drawing and frustration with my lack of intuitive knowledge of Photoshop I've finally completed the project!
My initial intention was to challenge myself and design a children's wallpaper collection using strong colour rather than my preference for monotone. I think this was quite successful although some people questioned the collection in that it contained four very different designs that initially seemed quite disparate. I think my final designs were quite cohesive with theme - rock-pools/sea life providing the thread linking strongly with my original drawings. Below are images of my final presentation - room was limited and not the most inspiring of settings but I managed to give a flavour of the designs and further development ideas.

As this was a live brief and competition I had to give a presentation to Kate Usher who was to be the final judge.
Much to my surprise I was chosen as winner and was given a cash prize (the first money earned from a design) and more importantly a chance to work alongside Kate as she develops more of her designs - should be a great opportunity to learn lots!

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