Wednesday, 13 June 2012

2nd Year Final Show

I can't believe how quickly this year has gone and how much I've learned although I feel a long way from know what my final direction may be.  As the year comes to an end the second years are still working frantically and gearing up to their end of course show.
I decided it would be a good experience to help with this and perhaps see first hand what was involved.  The answer is simple ... lots of work!
I helped Deb Bunn who works under the name of sweetmurmuration.
Debs main focus for her final show was a range of beautiful silk scarves developed from her love of the local area and its land marks.  We had lots of fun and a bit of stress but the final outcome was good!

Not the best images but they give a flavour. 

Other students whose work I enjoyed include Cheryl Jackson whose work has a great retro feel 

Dyane Brown who created a beautiful wedding dress using the tradition craft of felting - this has definitely  been brought into the 21st C

Melanie Kyles who uses found garments and settings and reworks them into contemporary adornments

Laura Gee who created a fun children's collection based on the ever popular dinosaur theme

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