Friday, 27 April 2012

Oh I do like to be beside the sea....

Always find a walk along the coast a seriously good way to blow the cobwebs away and get back in touch with the world. Doesn't really matter what the weather it's often more beautiful when its a bit grey.  Like the brooding  dark skies - what an inspirational place it would be to have a studio!

Also had fun playing around with the Hipstamatic app on my phone. you can create some interesting effects, I like the vintage polaroid feel it creates.

Lots of lovely patterns in the sand too - you really don't have to look far to find inspiration

But for some really inspirational sand patterns look at the work of Andreas Amador.  His patterns and shapes are both geometric and organic, sometimes using the topical landscape to help him sculpt his art. While his landscape art is impressive and beautiful it is also fleeting and rarely does his work last more than a few hours before wind and tide erase his artwork and leave a blank canvas.

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