Saturday, 25 February 2012

Joining Materials - Fashion Inspiration

Before starting this course I did not have any particular interest in fashion. However having embarked on research for several projects I have developed an interest in the sculptural forms and materials used by several leading designers. 

Escapism Couture was created in 2011 by multitalented and prolific fashion designer Iris van Herpen.

Her futuristic collection was influenced by digital technology and was showcased in Parisian Haute Couture Fashion Week. It was her intention to compose a mixture of art, fashion and design with the use of unconventional fabrics, sculptural shapes and new technologies.

Whilst her collection looks fantastic on the cat walk I particularly like the close up images of her work which reflect her designs in a more abstract way
The forms  resemble scales, sculptural shapes, curves and folds. 

Behind the scene images show her work more as pieces of art along side the more human side of these extreme pieces of clothing

Sandra Backlund is one of life's true originals. Her work is not trend led - with each collection following a new direction in almost scientific experimentation. By following her own imagination she takes a very personal journey and maintains absolute honesty to her ideas. This must be the hardest challenge for any artist or designer - to keep moving in new directions whilst being truly original.

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